About Us

Dreams Construction Company is an Orange County-based general contracting, construction management and design-build firm. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of projects ranging from residential to apartments to commercial. With over two decades of experience, we pride ourselves in designing and building the most exceptional aesthetical and structurally sound solutions in Southern California.


Why you should choose us:

  • Accurate estimate: So you won’t have to spend another dime over your budget
  • Extremely competitive rates: We will beat any competitor’s written estimate*
  • Always meet your deadline: You set it and we’ll complete it on time
  • Kaizen: Improving the home improvement standards and setting the benchmark for quality
  • Complete Satisfaction: We guarantee every inch of our work to exceed every measures of your expectations

Our Mission

The mission of Dream’s Construction Company is deliver our customers’ service requests as they envisioned effectively and efficiently with consciousness and consideration to the sustainable environment, exceptional workmanship and unmatched value; and to create lasting relationships with our customers through integrity, honesty and purpose.


Our vision

Your vision is our vision. We dream of a world full of possibilities not limited by the drywall of your structure or the block fence of your lot or even the bridges bordering your city. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

Our Objectives

They say that the road to success is always under construction. Our objectives below are incomplete but is a starting point on a journey we hope will never end and we wish that you will be along side with us:

  • Build successful relationships with clients through work ethics, expertise and professionalism.
  • Build amazing structures and provide extraordinary service beyond the scope of work required.
  • Use the latest technology to minimize imperfections and maximize efficiency.
  • Offer the lowest price possible for our service in the competitive marketplace
  • Have the foresight to predict and manage outcomes exceeding the customer’s expectations.
  • Strive for never ending improvements in our superior service, modern knowledge and commitment to quality.


Green Goals

Within this biosphere, we have learned that our footprints leave impressions that will be felt by future generations. We choose to leave a more positive legacy for our children. We are currently an active member of the American Forests Organization and Green Business Organization. Each year we aid in the planting of 25 trees to help protect and restore the forests around the world, preserve farmlands and promote sustainable business practice.