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How reliable are you for budgets and timelines?

All contracts state the time frame and budget for projects and are signed by each of the parties. Copies are sent before the start of the project commences. All contracts include a provision for an Act of God. It is not possible to continue construction when there is a hurricane due to the dangers and inability to provide a high quality finish. Please check our references. Unless it is out of our control, such as due to nature, we will always stick to the timelines and budgets.

How and when are the payments made?

The contracts breakdown the payments and schedule and are based on the progress of the construction, in line with the completion date. We usually start with 10% upfront for the materials, with the remaining payments agreed upon before starting work. As the work meets an agreed point, that agreed payment will be due and the final payment is made once the project is complete.

How many customers are from referrals of previous and existing customers or repeat business?

We are lucky in that 50% of all customers are either referred by our existing or past customers or are returning customers. Our references show the reason for our loyal following.

Is there a need for permits?

There are times that permits are required, but this depends on the type of work and the location. When a permit is required, we will take care of that for you, ensure that all construction is completed to code and handle the inspection. We want our work to satisfy all legal requirements for you.

What questions should I ask my contractor?

A number of questions include:

? How long has the business run for?

? Have you completed projects similar to this? Can you tell me about them?

? Do you hold the right insurance?

? Who will complete the work? Do you hire sub-contractors or have employees?

Thanks to our years of experience, we will provide answers to any of the questions you have and can also provide references if you wish.

Who’s responsibility are the materials?

The contracts detail all the important materials required. We aim to cover all materials but there are times that substitutions are needed and out of our control (such as when companies stop providing bricks in a certain color. Before making an substitution we will contact you for approval. For any materials that are not determined in the contract, a budget is set for this and we will ensure that budget covers all your needs.

What do you mean by a change order?

When a customer requires additional work that has not originally been included in the contract, a change order will need to be written and signed. This should happen before any extra work is carried out; however, it is often signed later so the project can continue moving. The extra amount stated in the change order is due upon the completion of the project. A contractor may also need to issue a change order when there are unforeseen problems or damage.